Small Groups

A Small Group is a group that meets either weekly, fortnightly, or monthly to build relation-ships, discuss topics relevant to the Christian faith, to grow spiritually and support each other while developing a common interest in out-reach and mission.

Benefits of belonging to a small group include:
– Fellowship     – Discussion     – Bible Study     – Prayer     – Support     – Spiritual growth
Be encouraged and join one to-day!

Enquire about joining a small group

Folks, attending church on Sunday is not enough. God wants us to live for Him throughout the week as well and has put others at our disposal to be friends with us, grow spiritually with us, support us when we’re down, and to share our Christian journey and those in the mission field. You know, we are all on this same journey together and we need to support each other in the faith.

The world is barreling away from all Christian values, and is also being hammered by man made and natural disasters. It is vitally important now as never before to live our lives as God would have us live.

Our small groups all have a trusted leader who steers discussion around Bible readings or related topics and facilitates prayer for those in need.

If you are not currently attached to a small group then please make contact with one of the leaders listed in the brochure to start attending. As every group is different, you may like to trial several to find one that you are comfortable with but the important thing is to start. Committing 90mins of your time each week is a tiny investment into your walk as a Christian, and the blessings are worth it!

Typically a gathering might be from 1-2 hours. The format might be to study the bible and pray together to build community.

They are an expression of the wider church in that they can reflect worship, support for one another and have a focus on serving those out-side the group. Small groups are a worshipping and serving community. They are a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

When Jesus’ ministry began, he called 12 disciples to be his primary relational ministry com-munity.
Did Jesus need this motley crew to help him? Not really! But Jesus chose to love them, teach them, and pour himself into relationships with them; thereby creating the first “small group”.

The apostles continued Jesus’ model and formed a community of believers who loved God and loved one another. Despite incredible persecution and against all odds, this rag-tag group of Jesus Followers launched small com-munities (ie church) that proclaimed the gospel and changed the world forever.

The need for effective small group ministry is implied in the New Testament. (Acts 2:46 states that the church in Jerusalem met in the Temple and from house to house. Romans 12, 1 Cor 12 & 14, Eph 4: 11-16, Col 2:19 all bring principles surrounding the issues of body life, spiritual gifts and real spiritual ministry as the business of eve-ry member of the local church being practiced in a small group setting.) Large groups can be very impersonal and close relationships are much easier to foster in a smaller group.

They exist to foster Connection and Spiritual Growth, as well as being places for Pastoral Care and Mission to take place.
As you read through this list of active groups in the church you will quickly see that we have a range available; from separate men’s & women’s groups to mixed ones, from new Christian groups to groups for the more mature. Regardless of which Home Group (small group) you choose most will meet either weekly or fortnightly with a break during school holidays.

If you find yourself unsure about which group would be a good one for you, or you would like some help in starting your own small group, you can contact either…
Pastor Ross Woodhouse 027-692-0726 or Tony Mace 027 4951 964

Monday Musings

Mixed Bible Study

Fortnightly @ 1-2.30pm @ Jennifer Humphrey’s home. A time for Devotion, Relationship, Developing through caring & encouraging, and some music.

Contact Tony or Frances Mace


Tuesday night

Sami’s Group

A mixed group of adults who meet weekly from 7.00-8.30pm at the Sami’s home. Our aim is to encourage and support each other, read God’s word in a study format, and pray together as we become aware of needs.

Contact Gerry Schuil


Tuesday night

Men’s Group

This small group meets fortnightly from 7.00pm at Denis Horner’s home. The focus of study and discussion is Men’s Discipleship.

Contact Tony Mace


Wednesday morning

Ladies Bible Study

A women’s group who meet each week at our church from 10.00am with an online option available. We always start with a cuppa, have one hour of bible study and finish with a time of prayer.

Contact Jeanette Phillips


Wednesday Night

Mixed Bible Study

Weekly from 7.00-9.00pm. Our focus is to deepen our love for Jesus, His Word, and one another while growing in obedience as we allow God to speak to us though bible teaching, prophecy, discussion, prayer and fellowship.

Contact Peter Basel


Thursday @ 3

Mixed Bible Study

Weekly at 3pm in the FBC Oasis Room to study Basic Christian Beliefs.

Contact Peter Basel


Saturday night

Burgess’s Group

A mixed group of adults who meet weekly from 7.00 pm at Gaylene Burgess’ home.  We have worship, prayer and bible study.

Contact Gaylene Burgess


Special interest Groups

Youth social events

Year 7-13 students

Meeting every Friday, this group brings our young people together in a social environment for fun games and activities.  Times can vary depending on the activity.

Contact Iunisi Katoa (021-249-1674)