sunday morning prayer

Sunday's 9am

We meet in the Oasis room every Sunday for pre-service prayer and preparation for the service.  All welcome. 

monday evening prayer

Monday's 7pm

These are held in the church lounge at 7:00pm every Monday night  where we join together to praise and thank God for all He has done, and pray for our church, our leadership, our community, our nation, our Government and one another.  These are also times when we encourage our church family to continue praying for their loved ones and issues very dear to their hearts. Visitors are always welcome. 

tuesday morning prayer

Tuesday's 9.15am

These are held in the church lounge at 7:00pm every Tuesday morning.  Visitors are always welcome. 

Congregational Prayer

During our Sunday service

During our services, we pray together for specific needs, friends, families who have loved ones who have walked away from God or who don't know Him, those who are unwell, for our nation and our Government. Local and international tragedies and major events such as fires, floods and earthquakes are prayed for as they happen.

Prayer Chain

Specific needs

We have an active group of people who pray for specific needs.  If you or a loved one requires prayer for anything please fill in the online prayer request form.  Your details are kept in a secure database system.

" I live in the spirit of prayer. I pray as I walk about, when I lie down and when I rise up.   And the answers are always coming. Thousands and tens of thousands of times have my prayers been answered. When once I am persuaded that a thing is right and for the glory of God, I go on praying for it until the answer comes"

George Mueller