No service for Christ goes unnoticed by Him.
We have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function. Romans 12:4
Prayer is always available after the service, if you have a prayer need someone will meet you in front by the piano after the service
God’s Way
As our man of God,
You came to us – suddenly
To take up the reins
And begin a task – dedicatedly.
Old tears were mended
And holes were patched – gradually.
You strengthened the canvas
Around the repairs – painstakingly.
Then we slowly perceived
A new vision evolving – steadily
A creative concept
Touched us all – individually
Now a new chapel is rising
Replacing the old – excitingly!
And later you’ll move on
Obeying God’s call – courageously
Having shown us the way
To follow the Lord – with love
Faithfully, Patiently
Commit your way to the Lord; trust
in Him Psalm 37:5
Kay Deare