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Bible Project

Church at home: Image of God

Over the last few months, the coronavirus pandemic has disrupted our entire world. Many of us aren’t able to gather with our local church communities, so we wanted to create something that could help. Below you’ll find a BibleProject video, suggested Scripture readings, and some discussion questions to use for yourself or with family and friends.

This week’s video and readings focus on the biblical theme of the image of God. We’ll consider the portrayal of humans in the Bible as both weak and vulnerable but also capable and called to rule the world on God’s behalf. This pandemic has revealed just how fragile life is, but the story of Jesus offers a bold hope. He put himself forward as the truly human one, the ultimate image of God, whose self-giving love opened up a new future for humanity and all creation.



Genesis 1:26-30

God appoints humans as his representatives to rule the world on his behalf. The image of God consists of male and female together ruling in unity over all of creation. This is a bold vision of human identity and responsibility.

  • Who is created in God’s image? What does that mean for how you view yourself and others? What does that mean for how you live?

  • What do you think it says about God that he invites humans to rule with him?

Psalm 8

In Psalm 8, the poet is reflecting on humanity’s identity and calling to rule creation with God. He ponders how weak and “low” humans are compared to the stars and the heavenly beings, yet God is pleased to partner and share his glory with them.

  • Read Psalms 8:4-5 again and reflect on what stands out to you the most.
  • In this poem, humans are both weak and tiny, but also glorious and capable. Do you see yourself this way? What would change if you did?

Colossians 1:13-20 and Colossians 3:8-13

In these passages, Paul identifies Jesus as “the image of the invisible God,” who is the real king of creation that humbled himself to die on our behalf (1:13-20). Paul also writes that Jesus’ followers are being “renewed…in the image of the creator” (3:8-13), which results in compassion, kindness, humility, and other godly qualities.

  • What do you resonate with most when you read these passages?

  • Both of these passages emphasize God’s desire to bring unity through Jesus. Take a moment to reflect on what it might look like to actively participate in bringing unity in your life or community.