What did I do?

A little while ago I bought myself an Ipad and
joined this technological age of having a gadget
that would allow me instant access to all sorts of
data, information and gossip if I so desired.
Justification can play a big motivator as to why
I did. I realised that I could download books at a
very cheap price, and also free, plus you can
download all sorts of applications for all sorts of
entertainment and knowledge. I was now able to
know so much more, and as time went on it
seemed the gloss and excitement left, so what
Later I realised that my motivation originally
was so that I could have a bible with me
everywhere I went and could read anywhere and
had downloaded one but never ‘opened’ it
straight away. One day at lunchtime at work I
looked into the bible I had downloaded and
surprised to see that I could start a daily reading
plan which I did. Since then, I have picked up
my reading program of the bible and started to
read once again the source of my life and joy of
my heart. I have not done this since being saved
over 30 years ago when I devoured the bible
twice in a short period.
Now I read with joy and expectation of all the
nuggets found, and it has lifted me up
personally to share the joy of knowing our Lord
and Saviour. Tony Mace