A friend of mine was telling me how her mother had experienced herself leaving her body on the operating table during heart surgery. She described how she looked down upon her body and saw the surgeons working on her heart. I have no reason to doubt this per-son’s word, because she is not given to lying. Many others have de-scribed similar experiences, which indicate to us that we do not cease to exist once our body stops functioning. Is there life after death?

As Christians we believe there is and we base that belief on one of the best attested facts of history. The fact that Jesus Christ died and rose again.

The enemies of Jesus had heard rumours that He would rise from the dead and were determined to prevent his followers sneaking the body from the tomb and then spreading the lie that He had risen. So they sealed the tomb and had Roman soldiers posted at the site to pre-vent anyone getting near it.

On the Sunday morning the huge stone covering the entrance was rolled back revealing that the body had disappeared. There was no logical explanation. The enemies of Jesus simply had to produce the body and they would have put pay to the rumour that Jesus had risen from the dead, but they couldn’t.

Jesus was alive and He appeared to His followers, talked with them, ate with them and encouraged them to take His message of hope to the world. They were transformed from fearful, doubting, despairing men and women into courageous, bold proclaimers of this life changing message…”Jesus sacrificed His life to save us from the power and consequences of our wrong doing and had risen from the grave to guarantee that all who turn from their self-centred ways and place their faith in Him would find forgiveness and acceptance with God and would live with Him forever in His eternal Kingdom.”

The Easter message is the most vital message for people today.

This Easter could be a new beginning for those who see beyond the Eggs and bunnies to the real message and encounter the One who conquered evil and death so that these ruinous forces will never again control and destroy our lives.