Perhaps Holiness is an old fashioned, for some a ‘religious’ word; for others redundant and irrelevant. It is not an everyday-language word. Yet there is an emphasis in scripture that removes all ambiguity around who, what and how we are, Holy.
Holiness has significant relevance. Why? Holiness is one of God’s primary characteristics, he is holy and he asks us to “be holy” (1 Peter 1:13-16)
To think of holiness as something redundant is to think that God himself is on a downward moral trajectory and that his call and expectations have changed with the changing world. In this day of prevalent moral relativism, it’s vital that we the church live out the truths and principles of God’s word.
That God is holy hasn’t changed! The world changes, God doesn’t. His standard is, Holiness. When we accept Christ, we accept the call to be holy; we accept there is a new way to live our lives, His way!
Christian living therefore means living a holy life. Living a holy life means being dedicated, set apart for God, to God and giving every part of our life to God. Living life and being a Christian are not mutually exclusive, we don’t give part of our lives to Jesus, in the same way Jesus didn’t give part of his life for us…he gave it ALL, we give ALL.
Be encouraged therefore to:
A. Understand God’s holiness – read, study, pray and meditate on his holiness
B Live Holy – order our lives according to his holiness


Contributed by Pastor Ross Woodhouse