Do you think that God cares what you do with your money? He certainly does! The Bible has 2,500 references about money and how to handle it. That is five times more than faith and prayer!
One memorable story Jesus told is The Talents Story (Matt 25: 14-28). At the time Jesus told this story, talent was a unit of currency. Our language has changed, now talent has come to mean skill and ability. God wants us to be trustworthy with the skill and ability as well as money that he entrusts us with.
Money is very easy to borrow, in today’s markets and many New Zealanders make the mistake of spending money they do not have on things they don’t really need. The burden of debt that accompanies that habit can be debilitating to the borrower’s state of mind. The joy and enlightenment that they could have from living in a plentiful and peaceful nation slips away from them because they know that every pay day they owe a portion of their wage to their credit company.
I really believe that God does not want any of His children to constantly live with a debt burden. I believe that we are to thank God for the money that comes into our hands, and think carefully about how to use it to meet our immediate and future needs, and to bless others with the surplus.
Proverbs 2:11 Wise planning will watch over you, Understanding will keep you safe (NLT)

Contributed by Cheryl Wigmore