Nehemiah 2: 1-10

An international man of action.

International because he was a Jew in exile working as a cup bearer in the Persian Empire and his mission took him across international borders. Man of action because he was always talking to, walking with, and relying on, God.
When we look at Nehemiah we see that he had a deep dependence on God and he was constantly in prayer. At the start of chapter 2 he had been praying “day and night” for more than 4 months.
The disgrace of a broken wall of Jerusalem placed such a burden on his heart and he was saddened to such an extent the King noticed! Showing sorrow before the King was punishable by death.
The constant connection with God through prayer has set the groundwork for this little popcorn prayer he fires off to God when trouble comes. In times of trouble, God is the first person Nehemiah turns to.
Nehemiah was also constantly walking with God. The sustained prayer life that Nehemiah cultivated, overflowed into his everyday walk with God.
Each one of us has a unique role to play in building and maintaining the kingdom of God. We must encourage each other since we all have a ministry in the things we do daily, wherever God has placed us.
Talking to and walking with God sets us up to rely on the power of God and when we do this, we are better equipped to do His will, in His strength and not our own.
Every one of us can be sure that when a great need is placed as such a burden in our heart that it causes us to step out and do something, God will equip and supply us to accomplish that mission. How does God want you to respond when you hear of broken lives, and needs in our community today?