Zadok The Priest
At every British coronation the song ‘Zadok the Priest’ is played triumphantly as the monarch-to-be walks slowly down the aisle toward the altar and the crown. It was especially written for these occasions as Zadok was the one who anointed Solomon king.
Zadok was descended from Eleazor, the son of Ahitub. He was a young man, mighty in valour and aided David during the revolt of his son Absalom. It was Zadok who put Solomon on King David’s mule, and escorted him to Gihon, where he then took the horn of oil from the sacred tent, and anointed him. He was the first High Priest to serve in Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem, and was a staunch opponent of the paganism that was rife in the land.
To be a Son of Zadok would cost a person their entire life; their thoughts, their will, their emotions. The Sons of Zadok will be instrumental in the new Millennial Kingdom as they will be the ones who minister to Christ when He returns. No longer will the Levites hold that prime position, as they found disfavour in the Lord’s eyes because of their forefathers’ unfaithfulness to Him.
Spiritual Sons of Zadok have the ability to judge themselves, so that God’s spirit would not be quenched. They are uncompromising, unspotted, unwrinkled believers, always applying the Blood of Christ. Their desire is to only please the Lord.
Christ has made us all sons and heirs – we are all High priests, but would we qualify to be called a Spiritual Son of Zadok?

Contributed by David Gilling