It’s funny how things change.
When I was a kid Father’s Day was a day for someone else, my Dad. Perhaps a chocolate bar, an ugly tie or breakfast in bed.
Then I grew up and had my own kids. The day took on a different emphasis and I began to understand how a grown man could be honestly excited about a chocolate bar, breakfast in bed or even an ugly tie. It’s not about what the gift is. It’s about the thought. The small person giving it to you, their smile. The relationship that has grown over all the years. As my kids have got older the relationship has changed, less nappies, more food, more noise. Things change.
As a Father there are good days, there are days that make me smile every time I think about them, there are days I would rather not remember. Every day is different. Things change. But there is one thing that does not change. The absolute love of our Father in heaven. Every day. This is one thing that never changes. So as you go through the day remember that you are loved.
YOU are loved.
You ARE loved.
You are LOVED.
Somethings will never change.
Now go and buy someone an ugly tie.
Contributed by Jonathan Hall