Dealing with Dilemmas:

Sometimes in life we come across fellow believers that are struggling with some tough issues in their walk with God. Often we can jump to conclusions believing we know the answer to their problems. So how should we respond to people in these situations?

To begin to answer this question let us turn to the story of Naaman, in 2 Kings 5. Naaman was the commander of the army of Aram who got leprosy and was healed by God after washing seven times in the Jordan River.

As a result he becomes a believer in the God of Israel. Naaman is then faced with a dilemma. He expresses to Elisha the hope that God will forgive him when he must go into the temple of the god Rimmon with his master.

Elisha replies: “Go in peace“. Hold on, what did Elisha say? Shouldn’t he have said “You must quit your job now that you’re a believer in the God of Israel, you cannot bow down to an idol”.

Rather than judge Naaman, Elisha can sense Naaman’s heart to follow and obey God in a difficult situation. Instead Elisha blesses him fully trusting that God will deal with Naaman, in his time.

When people cross our paths that are facing tough situations our default setting must always be that of Jesus Christ himself, who treated people with love, dignity and compassion whilst always seeking to direct them toward God.

Tony Pyne