My favourite Words in the Bible are: GOOD,
After each creative act, “God saw that it was
GOOD”. Genesis 1
I am always amazed at the huge variety of shape,
size, colour, taste, texture, sound and smell God
put in His creation. Everything God created was
perfect for the environment in which He would
place the man and woman made in His image
and likeness. When God finished His creation He
pronounced it “VERY GOOD”.
God completely finished what He started. “The
heavens and the earth were FINISHED and all
the host of them” Genesis 2:1. I really like that!
Jesus also completely FINISHED the work God
gave Him to do. His last words before He died on
the cross were “It is FINISHED”.
Today, my most favourite word is God’s
invitation to COME. His first invitation was to
Noah. “COME into the ark, you and your
household” as the only place of safety and
salvation. Jesus specifically exhorts us to “Let
the children COME to me, and do not hinder
them; for to such belongs the kingdom of
heaven” Matthew 19:13-14. We are to ‘receive a
child in His name’ 18:5 and must ‘not despise a
little child’ 18:10; To each of us Jesus also
invites us to COME to Him as we labour and are
heavy laden to find our rest in Him. Regardless
of our age, young or old, time of day or night,
circumstances good or bad, we may COME to
Him to find our rest.
Contributed by Maria Sorenson