‘BE PATIENT’ – James 5:7-12

Patience is a virtue we all must develop as we grow. Our parents teach us as children, to learn to exercise patience in all sorts of ways at home, at school and when we are out with people.
For the Christian we have the wonderful blessing of the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. As he lives in us the fruit of his presence is seen in us. The Bible tells us that one of the eight aspects of the fruit of the Holy Spirit living in us is patience.
James tells us that the motivation for being patient is that ‘The Lord’s Coming is near.’ We need to live with an eternal perspective. He also tells us what to do to remain patient; to stand firm in our faith, not to grumble against each other and to always speak the truth.
James uses the illustration of the farmer patiently waiting for the crop to come to harvest and shares the example of the Prophets and of Job who were patient and persevered in the face of suffering.
To show patience is a very practical daily challenge for every one of us.

Contributed by Ross Woodhouse