What is Postmodernism?

Have you heard the term ‘postmodernism’ and wondered what it is?

At a recent Bible in Schools conference one of the workshops to choose from was entitled ‘The post modern classroom’. As the volunteer teachers were deciding which workshop to attend many were puzzled saying, “What’s that?”

I have discovered that coming to grips with postmodernism helps me to understand the many shifts and changes happening in our world. Being a Bible believing Christian has always been difficult in The Middle East and parts of Africa and this is now becoming the case in America and is moving in our direction.  “You’ve got your truth and I’ve got mine! This is postmodernism.

We now live in a new climate of religious pluralism promoted by Western state and civic authorities. All religions are now given equal status. The gods of consumerism or scientism are now more likely to be held up as idols for this generation to look to for their salvation.  Now we are seeing a steady drift away from, and even open rejection of older Christian values and public morality.  What do we do?

The book “Who Moved My Cheese?” is very insightful in this regard. In it Dr Spensor Johnson suggests that because Change Happens, we need to Anticipate Change, Monitor Change and Adapt to Change Quickly.  Currently our Home Group is studying some of the Old Testament prophets and we are discovering a recurring theme; People falling away from God and being challenged to repent and to Look Up.  Be Ready and Be Alert for “The Day of The Lord” is coming. I believe this day is getting closer.

Contributed by Graham Bull