In Isaiah 6:8 we read the famous words: “Whom should I send as a messenger to this people? Who will go for us?” I said, “Here I am. Send me.”

Throughout Scripture, including those of Isaiah we see countless examples of the life of faith that requires a willingness to go, to venture into the unknown, and follow God where He leads. The Holy Spirit offers this same invitation to all of us, in our own dayto-day lives, whether we stay or whether we go. We are all invited into and called to mission.

God is a mission God. The Lord who is always with us, and is always working in us, is also always working to draw all people to Himself, at work in the hearts and lives of people across this earth to bring about his purposes. If that is true, how do we and to what extent do we see ourselves as a legitimate part of and contributors to Gods mission?

The words of Jesus in Matthew 5:13-16 are directed at our effectiveness and our influence. What Jesus teaches us here is how he wants us to live in this world as Christ-followers. He says here’s the way of the value and influence you’re to have in the world, for me. Because we can make a difference in the situations we are in, by our very presence there. Flavour the world with your saltiness. Colour the world with the light of Christ.

You are the salt of the earth! Jesus words come with an imperative. Not could or potentially be, but ARE! You ARE the light of the world! When we accept Christ as Saviour, we belong to him and as such carry into the world a responsibility to be like Jesus. Jesus’ words are such that he expects we will be useful for God in His mission in the world. Agents of change and transformation in this world.

And he is asking us to stand out to show the world there’s a better, hope-filled way of life, the only way, through Jesus. It is to be a distinctiveness that exudes the very God we say we believe in, trust, worship and follow.

There’s no getting around the fact the world needs Jesus. And as salt and light, you represent him wherever you go, whatever you do, making a difference, for him.