How do we see God?

I’ve mentioned here before I love the beach, I haven’t got there much, yet! Karyn will tell you I have no interest in sitting on the sand sunning myself, I want to be in that water! Right in. Because I’m always thinking of a spiritual connection here’s what God is saying to me, for this year: how much of God do I want to experience this year? A little bit of God or fully immersed in him? How about everything of God I can get!

God wants all of us, so we get to experience the fullness of all he is able to provide. Why do we need to talk about such things? Because being in his presence, being aware he’s with me, affects everything I do, say and think. Worship is our response to the reality of God in every part of daily living.

It’s a potentially scary thing isn’t it, when we say to God, “you do what you want God, I’m ready for anything”? When we ask God such a thing we’re also willing to lay down anything that’s between me and God. The prophet Isaiah met with God and therefore can teach us a lot about worship

READ Isaiah 6:1-8

The revelation of God

As Isaiah came close to God he looked on the throne and saw the Lord, and the train of God’s robe filled the entire heavenly temple. The heavenly creatures covered themselves such was the magnificence and the glory of God. The point is they couldn’t look on the Lord such was their reverence for him. What’s the state of your reverence for God? Worship has to begin when we focus only on Him. Revival happens when we see less of ourselves and more of God. When we see ourselves in light of His holiness and in need of his grace and forgiveness, that’s when we’re beginning to see him.

The realisation of God’s holiness

Once we see Him and He reveals himself to us, we begin to realise and see His holiness and real worship takes place. Real worship is throwing our sinful and broken self at His feet in utter dependence. When we worship and really see Him and His holiness, our awareness of His presence grows and other ‘stuff’ begins to fade away. Worship though is being so aware of His majesty and holiness, our natural inclination is to love Him. We don’t need anything apart from knowing, he is holy.

The recognition of our sinfulness

One evidence of knowing that we’re close to God and seeing His holiness is that we’re faced with our sinfulness, inadequacy and shortcomings. Being in the presence of God, and seeing His holiness, causes us to see our sinfulness and therefore appreciate His grace. The opposite of this, of course, is complacency, which is why coming before God every day is so vital to worship.

A natural response of our lives

The response of a real worship experience is a change in commitment to God. Worship leads to commitment, and committing ourselves to God is worship. Because, when we ‘see’ God in His fullness and we realise His holiness, our response is similar to that of Isaiah’s (Isaiah 6:8-9). Worship is not God accommodating my wants because that would make me sovereign. It is us obeying what He wants from me.

For the year ahead be encouraged to: See the Lord; See His holiness; See our sinfulness and, See our need to respond, in worship.