I often ask people to write for the devotional on this page and we only require 220 to 230 words. I know many find this limitation difficult.

This year as I was reading Mathew I noticed something for the first time. As I was reading about the temptation of Christ (Matt 4:1-11), I noticed how short it was. Matthew used fewer than 250 words to write the account on one of the most pivotal events in all of scripture.

Then I thought of other short yet powerful passages: the 23rd Psalm (117 words) and the Lords prayer (66 words).

Clearly we don’t need more words to express a thought we just need to use our words well. This also applies to other areas of life, like time, money and space. We need to use them well also.

Scripture affirms that God meets the needs of those who seek His Kingdom and His righteousness (Matt 6:33).

If you are thinking, “I need just a little bit more” of something, consider instead the possibility that God has given you “just enough”. Be content as he will not forget any small needs we may have.

 He is rich who is satisfied with what he has.


Carol Harries