Covenant of Salt

Two things attracted my attention to Salt. Firstly, the comments by Jesus in Math 5:13-16.

Secondly Numbers 18: 19-20 speaks of a Covenant of Salt with the Levites. The Levites were not given Land, but ‘Our Father’ said to them:  If you care for my people, I will care for you, for all generations. This is my everlasting Covenant of Salt to you”. 

Jesus states (Mt 5:13-16) to the disciples: “You are the Salt of the earth”. He was saying “You are valuable; you are in relationship with me.

Salt has often been used to seal bonds of friendships. But then he goes on to say: “but if the salt has become tasteless, how will it be made salty again?”

How will you be of value to me if you are not loyal to me? How can you restore the relationship again? How can you be loyal again, if you have lost your saltiness?

Mark (9: 50) says Have Salt in yourselves, and  be at peace with one another’.

Now this makes sense, in the context of a relationship. The Covenant of Salt is relational – we need to get along with each other. Be loyal, have loyalty in speech, support one another. Have salt between us. We become a light to the world, based on our saltiness.

So next time you reach for the Salt—– remember the relationship that Jesus is asking for. I know there is a more to this, but today, I have given you a taste!!!

David Gilling