Recently I was reading an inspirational book, “The Art of Prayer” by Timothy Jones. It is subtitled “A simple guide to Conversation with God”.  Two sections in particular, challenged me –

Letting go…..Henri Nouwen writes
Whenever you pray, you profess that you are not God and that you wouldn’t want to be, that you haven’t reached your goal yet, and that you never will reach it in this life, that you must constantly stretch out your hands and wait again for the gift which gives new life.
Relinquishment begins with acknowledging that much in life lies beyond our control.

Moving forward
God, the awe-inspiring, frightening, but gracious King, leads us into adventure.
We pray and can never know for certain, precisely where the answers will lead. We cannot guarantee that prayer is a safe act…..but I keep praying….
When I sense Him, I cannot help wanting to be with Him.
Sensing that He stands listening, I cannot help talking to Him.

Lord your Word says “No eye has seen, No ear has heard, No mind has conceived What God has prepared for those who love Him”


Contributed by Murray Kerr