In The Beginning was ….

Our current home group studies are in Genesis chapters 3 & 4. We looked again at what became of the heavens and earth which God created.

We noted that After the fall, Adam and Eve continued in their Edenic covenant responsibilities to be fruitful and multiply on the land and in the home. Both had a measure of God given authority, for instance Adam named all the animals and his wife and Eve named all her children, but Adam was to rule as head over his house.

Following the fall their lives were characterized by toil, pain and strife and death We noticed also the a strong Heptadic (Sevens)structure to the text in Genesis 1-4 . A.F. comments Abel appears seven times, Cain appears fourteen times, ‘brother’ and its pronouns seven times, Cain was to be avenged seven times, Lamech seventy times seven. The generations from Adam to Lamech lists seven generations and the members of the line which are listed, number fourteen. ‘Name’ appears seven times.

Between chapters 2 and 4‘land’ seven times, ‘field’ seven, ‘ground’ seven. Jehovah and God (Adonaiand Elohim) combined total of thirty-five times, and between chapters 1 and 5 the combined usage is seventy times. Chuck Missler calls this numerical signature the Divine Thumbprint. (Romans 1:20).

This reminds us that Genesis is not just a narrative of our beginnings on earth recorded in a collection of records inscribed together by an anonymous editor but rather by an author who was under divine inspiration.

Q. Do you remember who was the author of Genesis? Can you explain how the author could have known about the first Generations on earth?

Let us not forget our Scriptures and the Revelation they contain are truer than any scientific statement or philosophical proposition ever could be.

Brian & Maria Sorenson