A CEO was interviewing a young man for job and he asked the applicant, “What is your goal in life, Bob?” Without blinking an eye, Bob answered, “To go to heaven and take as many people with me as I can.’ The CEO said, “For the first time in my career I was speechless.”

This morning I am speaking about reaching people for Jesus. I have once again been challenged to bring God into onversations when speaking to unbelievers. I realise that my time on earth is running out and I want to make the most of the opportunities God places before me.

I want to challenge you too. When we speak to people from day to day, we can all bring God into the conversation. Jesus said, “You will be my witnesses.”

A witness is one who testifies to what they have seen, heard or experienced. All we have to do is testify to how Jesus has made a difference to our lives. People in our culture will generally respect that. Sometimes all you will get is the opportunity to say, God loves you” or “God bless you.”

Why not take up this challenge this year. The more you do it, the easier and the more natural it will become. And pray that God will use your words, no matter how inadequate, to touch people’s hearts and move them towards Christ.

Geoff Follas