A lovely Christian lady I know told of how she was being operated on in Tauranga hospital and her heart stopped beating. She felt herself leave her body and looked down upon what was happening in the room.

She saw the surgeons and the emergency staff coming into the room with extra equipment and when they finally got her heart beating again she returned to her body. After the operation she described to the surgeon everything she saw while she was outside of her body.

The surgeon was amazed that she was able to describe in detail everything that took place while she was clinically dead. I know this lady and she is an honest, humble, gracious Christian who would not make this up. Many others have described similar experiences, which indicate to us that we do not cease to exist once our body stops functioning.

Experiences like this provide us with more evidence that there is life after death. The greatest evidence for life after death is the resurrection of Jesus.

In a court case no verdict can be reached unless there is enough evidence and sufficient witnesses who can testify to the facts. The evidence and the witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus are far, far more than any court case could require. Over 500 people witnessed the risen Jesus.

Many of them spoke with Him, touched him, ate with Him and had prolonged exposure to Him (up to 40 days). Because Jesus rose from the dead that means that everything He said about Himself, about God and about us and the future must be true. One of those sayings is such a source of comfort and strength to everyone who believes in Him.

“I am the resurrection and the life. Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying. Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never ever die.” Hallelujah!!!

 Geoff Follas