We find that there is power and encouragement to be
had in meditating on how God has blessed us in the past.
At home we keep a small box that we call a ‘Blessings
Box’. This box sits in our lounge and is where we store
jottings about times when God has particularly blessed
Mostly these notes don’t get looked at that often. That is
probably because when things are going well, it is usually
easy to be encouraged by what God has done for us
without thinking too much about it. Also when things are
going well we can usually easily see God in our lives, in
the lives of others around us, and it is easy to be thankful
for the myriad of blessings he showers on us.
We find this written record to be invaluable during rough
patches when faith can get tested, current difficulties
can crowd out memories of God’s faithfulness in the past
and it may not be so easy to be encouraged by what is
going on around us. A quick look at those notes which
confirm how God has been faithful and has blessed us in
the past is a wonderful encouragement at all times but
especially when things are a bit rugged.
All Christians rejoice in and allow themselves to be
encouraged by past blessings from God. Many may
rejoice so often in what God has done for them that they
never forget these blessings even when times are tough,
but if any of you struggle at these times like we do,
maybe a notebook or ‘Blessing Box’ could be invaluable.

Contributed by Bruce and Jeanette Phillips