Why do so many people from Islamic countries try to get into the West?
They are attracted by the freedom, equality, prosperity, culture, government and justice system. Attributes built upon Biblical values. Although the church, through many centuries, has been unfaithful to the Bible, exhibiting unbiblical qualities, those values have nevertheless become deeply rooted in the European culture. Even arch-atheist Richard Dawkins has said that we cannot understand Europe without understanding Christianity.
Years ago, a friend of mine asked a very well educated Indian Christian civil servant if he was in India when he became a believer in Jesus. “Yes”, he replied, “But I had to go to England to learn what it was to live as a Christian”. I laughed, thinking he was joking. “No” he said, “I am serious. Those who live in a country steeped in Christian values frequently do not realise that they owe those values to Christianity. For instance, in England, when waiting for a bus, they form a queue. In India we all rush to get on first. Or, at night in England, when someone flashes their headlights it means, ‘You go first’. In India it means, ‘Get out of my way, I’m coming through’. It is not only in the little things of human relationships and manners that made me realise what it means to live in a country blessed by Christian values, but also in other issues such as freedom and the comparative lack of bribery and corruption”.
Even people who reject Jesus Christ want the privileges and advantages His influence has left on our culture. Jesus is like the root, the advantages are like the fruit. What people don’t realize is that if you cut off the root, sooner or later there will be no fruit.

Contributed by Geoff Follas