Prayer and Self Denial #3

I have come to understand that God’s mission for and before us is a sobering prospect. I can no longer be ignorant, complacent, shut-off, on the side-line, but rather Spirit-filled, involved, energetic, visionary, and awake to what God has in store. What is God asking of us/you?
Last week’s Prayer & Self Denial theme of ‘A New Generation’ presented us with a vision to think beyond ourselves to those new Christians that God is calling to Himself, in this community, this city, through our obedience in his mission for us. We learnt the need to be open-minded in the way that God can use and change us, to exercise grace, as we move forward in His plan.
When we look at the cultural, ethnic make-up of our church, which is changing all the time, and the cultural, ethnic make-up of the community we are located in, and of our city and then places globally we and our teams are ministering into, the message Acts 10 gives us, is one of God’s heart, love, message and mission, being for all people, all communities, all nations, but it’s a proactive mission.
Peter had realised that the barriers that once existed be they cultural, or otherwise, through Christ are now broken down. That Peter needed a drastic message from God to get rid of his prejudices about distinctions among people suggests that anyone of us may occasionally need a major paradigm shift, a heart change in order to come into line with God’s thinking.
We must be opponents of what is unfair, unjust, and ungodly and proponents of, and leading the way in, what is right and just: activists for truth.