The Search for Satisfaction

When I am on holiday my family and I often put together jigsaw puzzles, and we all know that to get a satisfying outcome we need all the pieces. We spend our days putting it together, hoping to create a complete picture out of all the scattered pieces. Some times it seems that a piece is missing and then we discover we have been looking for the wrong piece.

In many ways life is like that. Even though we know that life without God at the centre is a life that has lost the most important piece, we still live as though He isn’t particularly relevant or He is not needed for the complete satisfaction of our lives.

Sometimes we can grow accustomed to feeling distant from God or having something important missing in our lives and we just go on from day to day and not being completely whole.

If you feel something is missing in your life, remember that God is the only One who can fully and abundantly satisfy us.

Let Him complete the picture of your life.

“All that is in heaven and earth is Yours”.  (1 Corinthians 29 :11)

Claim it all for yourself.

Carol Harries