In Deuteronomy 32:7-12 Moses speaks of the Mother eagle teaching her chicks to fly. She actually stirs up the nest and pushes the young birds out and they are forced to exercise their wings and fly.

We can become like the young eaglets. So safe and secure in our little nests where everything is familiar and where we feel comfortable. But there is a major problem here. As long as the chicks stay in their comfortable, safe, secure little nest they will never develop, they will never fulfil the purpose for which they were created.

Their muscles will weaken through lack of use, they won’t be able to get their food, they will stagnate and die. What a tragic picture.

Often God has to stir up our nests and give us a push and say, “I want you to launch out and do things for me that you haven’t done before.” It’s scary, it’s new, it’s unfamiliar.”

But the alternative is spiritual stagnation. “What if I fail? What if I botch it up? What if I look foolish in front of others?” God would far rather you blunder in faith than hold back in fear. Remember Peter on the water? Who was closest to Jesus? Certainly not the guys who stayed in the safety of the boat.

Notice in the Deuteronomy passage: The Lord is like the mother eagle who when she sees her chicks falling swoops down underneath them and lifts them up with her wings and God does the same with us.

What is God stirring you to do this year to develop your faith and character? Are you willing to trust Him and give it a go?

Geoff Follas