Man of Prayer 

Nehemiah, a man of action is also a man of prayer. The predicament of the Jewish people in Jerusalem breaks his heart and propels him to pray. His own comfortable position as trusted attendant to the king, in contrast to the sorry state of the people in Jerusalem, probably intensifies his sorrow. Nehemiah praises God and asks for guidance in facing his boss with a request to go to Jerusalem.

When God gives him the opportunity to act, Nehemiah is afraid (Ne 2:2). He shoots up a silent “arrow” prayer for courage and plunges forward.

Prayer involves risk.

We ask but don’t know exactly how God will respond. We believe God will supply boldness and power, but we cannot guess his timing.

So, Like Nehemiah, we pray and trust that God is bigger than the risk we take. In order to remember Nehemiah and where he got his courage, draw an arrow from the phrase “very much afraid” to the words:  “then I prayed”. (Neh 2:2-4).

Taken from Women of Faith Study Bible (NIV version)

Kate Murphy