Today is our combined service and I am speaking about Christian unity. Unity is so important to God because the union of the Father, Son and Spirit is at the very heart of God.

Jesus said that the unity among believers would be the most powerful factor in convincing the unbelieving world of the truth of His message. That is why Satan has always worked overtime to destroy Christian unity.

Here is a challenge to us all. Every time you go to criticise another believer think, “I am helping Satan destroy the very Body of Jesus and the credibility of His message.” Every time another believer offends you and you hold a grudge, you are driving a wedge into the Body of Jesus.

Jesus clearly gave us instructions to help maintain and strengthen our unity. If you find fault in another brother or sister, first check your own life in case there is a log in your eye and then go humbly and lovingly seek to help them see the fault and address it.

If your brother or sister offends you go asap and humbly and lovingly tell them how their words or actions caused you offence and be willing to forgive and restore the relationship.

If you know a fellow believer has something against you, humbly go asap and seek reconciliation. Remember: “I am sorry” and I forgive” may hurt your pride, but God hates pride so don’t give it an inch.

Romans 12:18 “Do all you can to live in people with everyone.