How do we make 2016 a better year for ourselves?

Here is a new year’s resolution I gleaned from a friend. You may have heard of the 3G network, well here are 3Gs that we can all participate in.

Firstly Generosity. There is always a need to be more generous; generous with our resources, with our knowledge, with our time and our skills and abilities. Be generous with hospitality, and encouragement and compliments, these are investments into the well-being of others. God loves a cheerful and generous giver.

Secondly Graciousness. That is being pleasantly kind, benevolent (showing good will), courteous, merciful, and compassionate. There is a certain elegance and beauty that graciousness bestows upon us. Be gracious.

Thirdly Gratefulness’. We have much to be grateful for, even when life throws us a curve ball, and we struggle to make sense of tragedy, or we wonder where God is in our pain and suffering. Always look for the positive and count our many blessings.

“Be grateful that God is there and He is not silent”. (Francis Schaeffer).


2016 will be a year of change for all of us. Lord help us to be more generous, more gracious, and more grateful as we face the future and the challenges that lay before us.

Graeme Ballard