What does a church practising the “immeasurably moreness” of God look like? What do the prayers sound like? What does the worship look like?

Paul’s words – a prayer – can be an infusion of encouragement to your spirit. When we each consider our spiritual lives – circumstances we are facing, maybe a son or daughter not currently following the Lord, our health, worry, financial issues, business, family life, your marriage – Paul’s prayer, can be our prayer today, to apply to all these.
What Paul has given the church is a statement of fact about who God is and what he is able to do, and is for us to grab a hold of in faith, believe and put to into practice across all parts of our lives.

Sometimes we get spiritually stuck, dry, the intensity and language of our prayer changes, we find it a chore to worship and fellowship, to get ourselves to Small Group, etc, we don’t want to hang out with other Christians, along the way our focus has deviated, we’ve drifted away from Christ, His glory and His greatness. What we need is to shift our pre-occupation of self, back to God.

God’s power is not limited to our expectations or our limitations. We are limited and prohibit ourselves from applying that power and “immeasurably moreness”. How? Unbelief. My limitations don’t limit God, they limit me. They limit who I am and what I can become in God. I am only limited in entering into God’s “immeasurably moreness”, by my own doubts. Turn that around. Accept, believe, and implement Gods “immeasurably moreness” into each and every aspect of your Christian life.

Remember God did not cease to be able to do immeasurably more when the final full stop was put on the last letter or epistle written. He, today, can still do a miracle in your life and situation.

What does a church practising the immeasurably moreness of God look like? This is a church that trusts God to do what he wants to do and relinquishes our wants, for his will.