GOD, above all gods

When does faith become faith, in this day in which we live? When there’s less of me (wanting to control) and more of God (giving him control). And we know this in the way we pray, the way we relate to others, the way we behave, and the way we respond in the most difficult of circumstances.

Hebrews 11:1 helps us answer this question too: “faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen”. Faith is only faith when I’ve stepped out and into the space of trusting God, beyond myself. Faith is faith when I’ve said no to any other voice or behaviour that’s not aligned with his truth.

Christian musician Toby Mac has produced a song called the Elements, a word he uses to refer to the things that are trying to keep us from being who we are called to be. In the song he says, “I got Spirit, I got faith, I might bend but I won’t break, I’ll fight the elements, and I’m gonna down swinging.”  For us to be on fire for Christ, we must be unashamed, uncompromising people of faith.

For all that was going on for the widow in 1 Kings 17:7-24 she was fighting the elements! In sending Elijah to the widow God was teaching his people that his power is greater than any other god/s, through miracle provision of food and raising the son to life.
It may not be Baal, today, but there are still many gods that compete for the love and worship God wants us to give him, alone. The widow, in this instance, was the one chosen to show how great God is.

Our situation doesn’t need to be as desperate as the widows. But the point is would we have, or do we, trust God, trust his word, trust his provision, trust his power in such circumstances? Faith is faith when I’ve stepped out and into the space of trusting God, beyond myself. The demand was backed by a promise from the Lord who in effect was saying, ‘put me first, trust me and watch my power at work’.

The woman’s response was, “OK”. She did as Elijah asked her to, she had no idea what would happen. Did she have evidence before she believed? No. Only after she agreed to do what Elijah asked were the jars kept full.

The woman would receive two outpourings of God’s grace and power. They were going to die, they were provided for. Her son died, and was raised from the dead. Something no other god could do!

The general principle to be applied from this story is: we trust God, always and in all things. Our faith is not in God doing what we want him to do. Our faith is in God to do what He wants to do and it will always be the right and good thing. Faith requires us to make movement toward God and give God the control I might otherwise want to have. It is resisting the urge to control a situation and give it to God.

In faith step into the space where God works; show how great He is.
In faith be thankful for the difficult times; because they will build faith.