Prayer and Self Denial Appeal #2

Wasn’t it great to hear another story of transformation from Lizzie on Sunday? Khondula was the first woman to “leave the line” in the red light area and take a journey to freedom with Freeset. Now she is a woman of influence in the community centre, encouraging others to follow in her footsteps and she is even a mother figure to Lizzie. The Freeset staff are willing to take the time to befriend these women, look after their health needs and share their hearts with gentleness as they encourage them to choose a new pathway.
God instigated Sabbaths to give us and the land rest, to orientate us toward our neighbour and to prevent intergenerational poverty. We find these Sabbaths inconvenient and are trapped in a cycle of production and consumption, indebted to a job and tired. Jesus said He was the ultimate Jubilee so will we follow him and live a different lifestyle or will we prefer to distance ourselves from others, finding it too uncomfortable to stand in the lowly place as Jesus did. Will we prefer a cheap grace where there is less tension in how we treat others, spend our wealth etc? Will we stand in the lowly place showing solidarity with the poor, oppressed, marginalised and discover that actually there is very little difference between us as humans? If we consistently humble ourselves as Jesus did we would no longer be able to demonize or distance ourselves from our neighbour. Khondula now is free and lives out the year of the Lord’s favour everyday. Will I do likewise? Will you?
“Proclaiming the year of the Lord’s favour creates alternative communities that are subversive and offensive but foster kinship and release.” said Lizzie Carter.