Both Daniel 11 and Ezekiel 38 speak of the King of the North / Magog who will become a real threat to Israel in the last days. Magog is generally seen as present day Russia and the most Northern country above Israel is Russia.
When the USSR was under communist rule it was the second greatest superpower in the world and then in 1990 communism collapsed, the USSR broke up into a number of independent states leaving a bankrupt Russia to struggle on alone.
Since then Russia has reasserted itself under the leadership of Vladimir Putin and is once again a superpower. President Putin is an autocratic leader who has expansionist ambitions. This has already been seen in his retaking of Crimea and resourcing the unrest in Ukraine. He is also threatening the Baltic States and is heavily involved in Syria. His behaviour is not unlike that of Hitler before the 2nd World War. How far will he go to spread his influence and power?
If what is happening in Russia today is the fulfilment of Ezekiel 38-9, he could be the leader of Magog who comes against Israel at the end of time. Watch this space!!!
Contributed by Geoff Follas