JAMES 1:12-18  

There is, and will be, much in James that we will continue to be challenged by, even for the most mature Christ-followers among us, not least, the resolve to be willing to continue to grow in Christ, to allow him to change us, whatever stage of life we are in. As we seek to build a strong prayer and spiritual foundation, to build community, to foster unity, as we engage and connect with the Mission of God for the Fairfield community, these are not days for spiritual weakness, these are days to be spiritually strong, doing what we need to do, today, to put the necessary steps in place to grow in the Lord.

In James 1:12-18 he is addressing people in the church who had in mind they were getting a raw deal in life from God, life was not going how they wanted it to, i.e. “why is God being unfair to me…isn’t it my right as a Christian for life to go well all the time and why is God not allowing that, doesn’t God want only good things for me?”

Begs the question: what does God owe us? Hasn’t he already given all in the person of Jesus?