Remember the narrative (2 Kings Chapter 5), and the commander of the Syrian Armies who had leprosy and was cured when he washed 7 times in the river Jordan on Elisha’s instructions.

Initially Naaman was angry that Elisha didn’t personally see him and tell him to dip in the river Jordan 7 times rather than other cleaner rivers of Damascus. However persuaded by his servants he did so, and was cleansed.

We are all like that at times heeding what we think best rather than trusting in God.

The Bible gives us great insights to God’s teachings and the way He would have us live. We fall very short at times when we think of the price paid by Jesus death on the cross for our sins.

We live in a country bestowed with bountiful beauty and lack for nothing compared to the rest of the world. Are we thankful? Do we praise God and thank Him for His great love for us? Let us examine our hearts and focus on the things that matter as explained in the Bible.

Kelvin Pick