Nehemiah Interview

The story of Nehemiah is the story of a man who had a burden from God, he saw a need, captured a vision, laid a plan and mobilised others to join him in his cause. God simply answers prayer by providing a leader with favour, strength and wisdom. Then the work of God is made possible by the day-to-day grind of committed workers under one man’s gifted leadership – ordinary people enjoying God’s blessing as they follow a gifted leader. A leader was needed to restore Jerusalem’s walls. Under Nehemiah’s leadership, the Jews received a permit for the rebuilding job, gathered the resources, identified worker’s gifts, assigned positions, overcame criticism, and laboured until the walls stood firm and tall once more. It all happened in record time. God works behind the scenes to set up Nehemiah’s success.
How will Nehemiah help us pursue our vision here at Fairfield Baptist Church?
Prayer – Nehemiah sought the Lord for direction each step of the way.
Good leadership – Nehemiah understood that timing was everything and assessing the situation surrounding him before moving forward was one of Nehemiah’s strengths.
Commitment – Nehemiah had commitment and drew it out of others, the people finished the wall in 52 days, despite many adversities along the way.
Our vision starts by allowing God to rebuild us. Are we willing to give God our brokenness, worship him, and then believe that he can bring restoration through us, to the community around us. Are we willing to be used of God with a bible in one hand and a trowel in the other.