The first day of the week is a very special Day, but sad to say, for many people it’s a day reserved simply for recreation, watching sports events, or just loafing. For others it’s a time “to sleep off” a hangover.

But for believers all over the world it’s recognised as an occasion when they can gather with their brothers and sisters in Christ for worship, fellowship, prayer, and instruction from God’s Word.

In the 19th century, some observations were made about Sundays that are still true now, in our time. The “characteristic feature” of the first of the week is one of the most remarkable in the history of the world whether it be in Churches, large Cathedrals, or humble Chapels, or wherever the Christian community meets for worship on this day.

When the sun ushers in this day of the Lord, it ushers a day of worship, and this day many Christian ministers read from the Bible and offer prayers for millions of people world-wide, while angels hear the mighty hallelujah of praise rising from the
earth to the throne of God.

Today is the Lord’s day, Let us praise Him.