A Reflection on the Election

Yesterday we went to the polls to vote in the government. Like many of you, I have felt sad about the muck raking that has gone on over the last few weeks. It is interesting that they waited until the election time before they brought all that stuff up. One guy made a lot of money out of a book he wrote that failed to do what he said it would do.

Another group hoped for a lot of attention by threatening to expose the fraudulent behaviour of the leaders but that turned out to be smoke and mirrors. It will be interesting to see what affect all these smear campaigns have on the elected Government.

I do know one thing and in this I take heart.

The Kingdom of God is not a democracy and for that I am very thankful. Jesus Christ will never be voted into office. He is the only true and rightful ruler and He rules whether people vote for Him or not. At present He rules in the hearts and lives of all who will accept His leadership.

The day is coming when He will return to rule over the nations and then the world will see government as God always intended it to be. Honest, just, righteous, good, fair, loving, compassionate, free from all corruption.