Match Report – July 27th

“The Chiefs booked their place in the Super Rugby final following a narrow 20-17 victory over the Crusaders at Waikato Stadium.”

I was in the stand that night…the atmosphere was electrifying…the crowd was on their feet, and every armchair commentator had an opinion…one question was on their lips…Who was going to win?

As the game played out it could have gone either way…gasps….cheers…nerve wracking stuff until the final whistle…<Phew>…the Chiefs made it…They made the final! That’s the thing with games…you just don’t know who’s going to win.

Contrast this with Jesus, Mark 16:19 says that Jesus “sat on the right hand of God”- Jesus is seated!

Jesus does the opposite of what I would do. His church is going through some tough times – they’re in the midst of a war, His people are struggling and He does just the opposite of what I would do – He’s sitting down…why? Because He’s sure we’re going to make it.

If you’re struggling right now…I want you to be encouraged because Jesus knows the outcome…he knows He’s going to win, and because He’s going to win you can be assured that you’re going to win, because you are in Christ.

Jesus will stand in the end; when we get to heaven, He stands up to welcome us, saying, “Enter into My joy!”
Tim Bray