Elijah the Fiery Prophet

God raised Elijah up to be a prophet to Israel at a time when they had turned from him, the fountain of living waters to dumb, useless idols. Under Ahab, they even began to worship Baal. Baal worship involved not only the usual orgies and profane sexual practices but also child sacrifices. Israel thus completely broke the Mosaic covenant with all its attendant blessings and God was angry with them.

Mary Evans wrote ‘We must be very clear about how seriously God takes sin. Perhaps our generation sometimes concentrates so much on putting across God’s love for all people that we forget to emphasise his anger at sin.’

Yes God was very angry at Israel’s sin but in His wrath, He remembered mercy. That is why he sent Elijah. When God told Ahab there would be neither dew nor rain in the land for the next few years he was not pronouncing God’s judgement but his chastening for whom the Lord loves he chastens, thus showing his grace, patience and love for his wayward rebellious people. They had offended God but they were His people and he wanted them back.

Elijah’s task was to bring them to a place where they would reject Baal and turn back to God. Which is what happened at Mount Carmel.
God equipped Elijah with a fervent fire of love in his heart for both God and Israel. Elijah knew that unless Israel repented they were heading for a calamity. So fervently and righteously Elijah prayed for Israel.

Elijah was righteous and God answered his prayers. We cannot expect God’s blessings if we embrace sins such as pornography and other sinful activities.

Through Elijah God showed his great love for His rebellious people in calling them back to himself. When we err and stray he calls us to repent and turn again to him for healing and restoration.

Elijah came from Gilead, a place where there were abundant supplies of healing balm. Today through faith in Christ we too can find an abundant supply to heal and restore us when we err.