God is in control!

Earthquakes in the South Island…God is in control! Although it is a tragic event with widespread damage and two fatalities, we have to remember that God has everything under control.

My health scare…God is in control! At any time during the three days it took me to get from Invercargill to Wellington I could have just dropped dead. But I have realised that God is in control.

Senior Pastor…God is in control! Although it is disappointing that the man we called could not accept the call, God knows what we need and He is in complete control of everything.

If we allow God complete control of our lives, life would be a lot easier for us, as it says in His Word, “We know that all that happens to us is working for our good if we love God and are fitting into His plans” (Romans 8.28)…God is in control! 

There is a saying that I have grabbed hold of for my life, I am not sure if it is scripture or not, but it goes “LET GO AND LET GOD!”

Contributed by Kerry Batten