The coming of Jesus into our world was the
greatest event ever to take place in human
The influence of Jesus particularly on the Western
culture is enormous. The values He taught and
modelled are so deeply embedded in our culture
and have affected the way we think and act far
more than we realise. Attitudes like compassion,
humility, self-sacrifice, service to others, concern
for the poor and needy, forgiveness, reconciliation,
equality, indiscrimination, etc. were all
wonderfully expressed in Jesus’ life and teaching
and these have profoundly impacted our culture.
Every institution established to help and benefit
mankind in the Western world was brought into
being by people who upheld the values Jesus
One great example of this attitude was shown at
the end of World War 2 when America and Britain
instead of penalising Germany and Japan, chose to
work for reconciliation and poured millions of
dollars into these nations to rebuild their
infrastructures and help them get back on their
feet. It was the Christian influence that caused
America and Britain to act this way.
We take all this for granted without stopping to
think what our world would be like if He had not
come. I know a lot of bad stuff goes on in our
world today, particularly as we move further and
further away from our Christian roots, but the
world would be far, far worse if Jesus had not
Thank you God for sending Jesus.
Thank you Jesus that you came.
Holy Spirit come and help us
Glorify the Saviour’s name.

Contributed by Geoff Follas