Nehemiah 9 – Prayer of Confession

Our guest speaker last Sunday was Mark Budenberg. He preached an excellent sermon on a difficult subject – Confession. He commenced with a story from the East Africa revival in 1953, where public confession of sins was recorded as the Holy Spirit moved among the villages. A fruit of that revival was people being born again by the Spirit, restitution for wrongs committed under the Spirit’s conviction and antagonists being reconciled through the Spirit’s love shed abroad in their hearts.

Nehemiah 9 records a Spirit-led revival in the city of Jerusalem in 445 BC. Mark pointed out the building programme was the work of God, but God also wanted the heart devotion of the people. He noted we have completed a God-led building programme and now we need to focus on reaching out to lost people who need the Lord.

The confession of the people led to the worship of their Great and Mighty God. The confession focused on their unfaithfulness and the worship focussed on God’s mercy and faithfulness to His Covenants with Abraham and Moses. Their public confessions included their father’s sins. Mark pointed out there is a place for public confession of public sins, and asking for God’s mercy on our nation. For the believer Holy Communion is a place for confession of private sins; so let a man examine himself.

Mark included these Take Home points –

I hope you want spiritual revival; our Lord and Saviour does.
True revival will include a concern for the lost; look for the Holy Spirit’s leading.
This will result in growth through conversion; the Lord adding to the church daily such as should be saved.