Last Sunday was a difficult day for me because I truly believe that God wanted me to bring a fairly hard-hitting message to the church. I fought against it during the week and wanted to back out, not because I was afraid people might react towards me, but because I love the people at Fairfield and would rather say things that are comforting and uplifting to them. I guess I felt a bit like Jeremiah or Jonah who would rather run a mile than deliver the word they believed God had given them. After I spoke I was so emotionally drained, on the verge of depression that I had to go straight home.

But in spite of all this, I firmly believe that we western Christians have chosen to ignore the fact that God is Holy, morally pure and perfect and that He hates sin so much that He will not tolerate it at all. Whenever sin gets hold of anyone or anything it will ultimately destroy them. It is the most dangerous viral cancer there is. Just look at its destructive power in the world today. It is tearing the world apart and will ultimately destroy it unless God intervenes. When we tolerate sin and allow it to continue in our lives and in the church it will destroy us and the church. History has born this out time and again.

God is not the tolerant, lenient, accommodating, permissive softy that we have chosen to believe He is. That is not our God. That is the God we have re-designed to so that we can go on sinning. He does not overlook, dismiss and ignore sin. If He does then Christ died in vain. God hates it, judges it and damns it and so must we if we are serious about following Jesus.

If we really want God’s Spirit to work in power among us and through us we must truly and sincerely confess and repent of those things in our lives we know are wrong and show by our behaviour and attitudes that we have. God is willing to forgive and cleanse us from all unrighteousness, because of Jesus death.

Remember John the Baptist’s words to the Religious leaders “Produce fruit that demonstrates you have truly repented.” Matthew 3:8  If we take this seriously and act upon it we can pray confidently “Come Holy Spirit and revive us and through us impact our community for Christ.”

From your most unworthy brother and fellow struggler in the faith. Geoff