He is not a disappointment!


“Jesus is far more to me than in all my glowing daydreams I had fancied He could be; And the more I get to know Him, so the more I find Him true, And the more I long that others should be led to know Him too.”


This hymn often comes to mind whenever I hear a testimony of the work of God in a person’s life – like we heard two Sundays ago.
Our growing love and relationship with the Lord can be likened to a good marriage. We can remember our ‘first’ love, the wedding day and many subsequent highlights. These are the things we like to look back on and share with others. However, as with all of life we also have our disappointments. If you remember the time you were ‘in love’ you thought of all the things you loved about that person. You want to introduce the one you love to others. So it is in our daily life and walk with the Lord that we can stay ’in love’, or keep our love alive by practicing the spiritual discipline of looking for, and seeing God’s unfailing love in everything. That is when I experience the truths of the hymn writer:  “The more I long that others should be led to know Him too”…..and, “He has won my heart’s affections, and he meets my every need. He is not a disappointment for he satisfies indeed!”


Contributed by Maria Sorenson