We worship an ascended and living Christ, we worship a loving Father, we worship the Holy Spirit. We worship because we see Christ for who he is. Worship that touches every pocket of life, and where every pocket of life is lived into as worship, that is underpinned by joy. Joy, that is aware of his grace disposed toward me. A joy that believes in a Christ who died, rose again, ascended to the Father and has given the Holy Spirit, the person of the Holy Spirit, God the Holy Spirit.

It is this risen and ascended Christ we worship and the Holy Spirit poured out and given to us. Here are 4 key reasons why Jesus’ ascension would cause us to worship him.

He will return
That he will return is something we can be confident will happen. There will be a reuniting with Christ the Lord. Scripture gives us clues on the signs of his coming again, but gives nothing specific on the when. When, is when God wants to. How he will come is important but not as important as, that he will come. And, that he will return is cause for joy and worship. (see 1 Peter 1:8-9).

Christ is glorified and is with his Father
We worship him because his will was accomplished. Completed. Finished. (See John 15.)
For Christ, the ascension is the necessary entrance to his “glorification” in heaven, where he now sits on the right hand of the Father. By his ascension he rises over all and fills all (Ephesians 4:10), receiving “the name which is above every name” (Philippians 2:9–11).

He will send the Holy Spirit
His ascension causes us to worship him because without it there would be no gift of the Holy Spirit, who could not come until Jesus had ascended and sent him (see John 16:7). The place, and purpose of God the Holy Spirit is paramount to the function of the church.
Many may have seen, heard, or been a part of something that made us uncomfortable or didn’t rationalise with scripture regarding the Holy Spirit? And furthermore has given us caution, and maybe we’ve put some walls up and are possibly reluctant to allow the Spirit to do all he might want to do?

Be encouraged to give space for the Holy Spirit to do what he needs to do; scripture, wisdom and discernment guiding us. We do not want to “quench the Spirit” (1 Thessalonians 5:19) by resisting or neglecting Him. Let’s be open and prayerful about how he might move among us. Be ready!

It brings blessing to the church
How does it? Sins are covered, dealt with; Jesus intercedes for us; nothing can separate us from his love; Jesus reigns supreme over all, and he is the head of the church.
Is there any reason on earth why we would not be motivated to worship him?! When the disciples “saw” him, the exalted Christ, they worshipped, and they worshipped!
We have an opportunity to have our minds opened by the Lord, to ‘see’ Christ, to see the significance of Christ’s ascension and its place in the giving of the Holy Spirit.