In 1937 there were 1,368 missionaries in China! Mr Roland Hogben was in charge of candidates at the CIM Bible Institute in England and he taught Bible content and homiletics. In his class students had to discover Bible truths for themselves. Five leading questions were to be answered for the following week with no commentaries allowed until after the teaching seminar. Little did Mr Hogben know how his methods would be used by one missionary.
A Wetherell Johnson devoted herself to teaching the Bible in China.
She experienced danger of death from illness, from bombing in WW2 and from a riot of prisoners during her three years in a Japanese internment camp. Following a year long furlough in Europe she returned to China under the communist regime and stayed until they began to force aliens out of China.
Although Miss Johnson was expecting to return to England she first visited friends in America. Her stay was prolonged through ill health and eventually it led to numerous invitations to speak. One day after speaking in a Church service five ladies asked her to give them a course in Bible study.
She could never have anticipated that this would eventually develop into an organisation, Bible Study Fellowship, which would spread over the United States and to England, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
We have BSF here in Hamilton. A class runs on Thursday from 9.30 to 11.30 at Activate Church during the school term. Another class is on Monday evening at the Salvation Army . This year we are studying the Gospel of John.

Contributed by Kathy Frost