‘Are we relevant’?
We are told one of the greatest challenges for the Church today is to be relevant to a lost and fallen society. We have a society that is no longer built on the greatest commandment to love The Lord and love our fellow man.
What exactly do people mean by relevant? Are we to compromise The Word of God and make it so politically correct that it no longer has the power to convict people of sin and set them free?
One of my favourite scriptures is John 8 where a woman found to be in sin was to be stoned and Jesus said, “Let him with no sin cast the first stone”. When they all went away Jesus simply said to the woman, “Go your way and sin no more.”
Relevance is to reach out and support those people Jesus brings into our life who need help. Show them there is a better way by demonstrating the love of God through our own relationship with Jesus.
We must not compromise the truth to give people a false sense of security.  John 6:66 tells us, “From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed Him”. There were times that people turned their backs on Jesus Himself because His teaching was too hard. Jesus upset the culture or society of His time with the truth of His teaching.
Society’s values are increasingly becoming more secular and far from biblical truth.
Let us not become so politically correct that Jesus cannot recognize His Church.
Contributed by Kevin Perry